Anne Evelyn Shade was the adoptive warlock mother of Axel Mortmain and the wife of John Thadeus Shade.


Anne and John adopted a mundane child, Mortmain, and raised him as their own son.

At one point, Anne and John were murdered by Shadowhunters on the grounds that they were conspiring to destroy Shadowhunters. Their adoptive son saw the injustice in his parents' murder and filed for recompense through the York Institute, insisting that Anne was murdered without reason since she didn't know her husband's plans.[1] When Aloysius Starkweather refused Mortmain's wishes, he soon grew spiteful towards Shadowhunters and began to plot his revenge.

Years later, Starkweather relayed their story to Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs, and Tessa Gray, all of whom were investigating Mortmain.[2]



  • Anne's warlock mark was her blue hair.
  • Despite Aloysius's assumption, Anne, and John's, blood was red like a human's, not green, blue, or another unusual color.
  • Aloysius kept her blood in a jar among his collection of spoils.[2]