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Don't you see? There's always something you can do. It's just people like me who always tell themselves otherwise. I told myself there was nothing I could do about Luke. I told myself there was nothing I could do about Stephen leaving me. And I refuse even to attend the Clave's meetings because I tell myself there's nothing I can do to influence their decisions, even when I hate what they do. But then when I do choose to do something—well, I can't even do that one thing right.

–Amatis, City of Glass

Amatis Herondale (née Graymark) was Luke Garroway's sister and the ex-wife of Stephen Herondale.



When she was young, Amatis' mother abandoned her and Luke and became an Iron Sister, Cleophas. From that point on, she had taken care of and raised Luke. They grew up together with a very close relationship.[1]

Having to devise ways to keep her younger brother entertained, they would often play games. A favorite was one where they pretended to be the famous ancient warlock siblings Baba Agnieszka and Elphas the Unsteady. Amatis usually played Baba and ordered Luke to collect unusual objects for pretend spells. When he was in a bad mood, she would let him play Baba, and he took advantage of this by making bizarre demands.[2]

When she came of age, Amatis attended the Shadowhunter Academy where she met Stephen Herondale, who soon became her boyfriend. At one point, she, Stephen, and Luke all joined the Circle, formed by her brother's parabatai, Valentine Morgenstern. Stephen later proposed to her and she said yes,[3] and they were eventually wed. When Lucian was bitten by a werewolf in a trap Valentine sent him to, Amatis was the person he went to. Though she was very close to her brother, Amatis sent him away in surprise and disgust, telling him not to return until he was sure he hadn't become a werewolf.[1]

Valentine, being the leader of the Circle, convinced Stephen that Amatis was unfit to be the wife of his lieutenant,[4] and Stephen left her for Céline Montclaire.[5] Though they never saw each other again, Stephen left Amatis their house and continued to send her letters. Though heartbroken over Stephen's betrayal, she nevertheless continued to love him and never seemed to move on.

Amatis promptly left the Circle. Before the Uprising, Jocelyn, who had become the only Circle member who still saw her, convinced Amatis that Lucian was still him despite his transformation into a werewolf. She agreed to let him hide in her cellar before they foiled the Circle's plans, though it became evident that the siblings no longer trusted each other. For years after that, Amatis never saw him again.[1]

The Mortal War

In September 2007, Amatis, who still lived in the house Stephen left her in Alicante, was visited by her brother Luke, who had no other choice but to go to her. She tried to send him away, but Luke convinced her to let him in for the sake of Clary, who was dying after drinking too much water from Lake Lyn.

Amatis agreed to help Clary heal and let them stay in her house. Luke even told Amatis what Clary was after and that they were looking for Ragnor Fell, whom Amatis knew can only be found if he wanted to be. While Luke was away, Amatis tended to Clary, who then asked her about their past. While Amatis answered a few questions, she also insisted that Clary stay hidden for a few days while she recovered. Clary defied this, however, and, taking Amatis' hidden Shadowhunter gear, sneaked out to find the Lightwoods.

When Clary returned later that evening, Amatis was merely frustrated and was not entirely angry with her, only regretful for the many times, including that day and the time she turned Luke away, that she disappointed Luke.

The next morning, Clary left to find Ragnor Fell with Sebastian, leaving a note for her to find this time. Jace later went to her house and waited for Clary to return; while the 'siblings' spoke, Amatis left them to take a nap. Clary then drew and opened a Portal in her kitchen, for which Clary feared Amatis' wrath. Sebastian later returned to Amatis' house, looking for Clary.

Amatis also agreed to let Clary's best friend, Simon, stay with them. In preparation for Valentine's attack, Amatis attended the Clave meetings at the Accords Hall, though she stayed as far away as possible from the other Nephilim. When Clary later drew an unknown rune on herself that made people see the person they loved most, Amatis saw Stephen and called his name as she ran towards Clary before the illusion faded.

After the battle on Brocelind Plain, Amatis fixed her relationship with her brother, evidently regretful for turning her back on him when he needed her most. Amatis also spoke to Jace a bit about his true family, such as the story behind the Herondale birthmark, and gave him a small silver box containing letters and mementos from Stephen, telling him that he would have been proud of him.[1]


Only weeks after the battle in Idris, Amatis went missing. Aline Penhallow and Helen Blackthorn alerted Maryse Lightwood of her disappearance. Soon after, it is revealed that she was captured by Sebastian, who then turned her into a Dark Shadowhunter by forcing her to drink from the Infernal Cup at the Seventh Sacred Site. As shown in her fight against Cartwright, Amatis had gained superior strength and agility compared to ordinary Nephilim. During a battle that broke out between the groups, she stabbed Magnus Bane and, before she could kill him with a strike to the heart, was shot in the shoulder with an arrow by Alec Lightwood.[6]

Sebastian's lieutenant

As Sebastian's lieutenant, she participated in the attack on the Los Angeles Institute and in the battle in the Adamant Citadel where she faced Clary. She later retreated with the rest of the Endarkened to Edom, where she continued following Sebastian's orders.

During this time, Amatis' brother, Luke, stayed at her house in Idris with Jocelyn, now his fiancée, and Clary.


After Clary stabbed Sebastian with Heosphoros and the demon blood vanished from his body, Amatis was about to lead the rest of the Endarkened against Clary and her friends, but was stopped on orders of their Master, Jonathan, himself. When Jonathan told Clary and Jace to throw the Infernal Cup into the demonic pentagram, Amatis, knowing that it would destroy them, tried to plead with Jonathan against it. This did not stop Jace, and when the Cup was destroyed, Amatis and the others died, but not before she was able to give Luke one last loving look.[7]

Personality and traits

Amatis was described as a very loving person. Even years after having shunned Luke and being left by her ex-husband, Stephen, she still loved them. She led a quiet life in Alicante as a Shadowhunter but refused to attend any Council meeting, believing that there was nothing she could do to affect their decisions.

Her personality changed when she was turned by the Infernal Cup; she became a blood-thirsty warrior, not hesitating to turn against even her own family, having lost her own will and choice.

Physical description

Amatis had the same blue eyes as her brother, Luke, and graying hair that she continued to dye brown.

After drinking from the Infernal Cup, her eyes briefly turned a black color like Sebastian's, before regaining their normal blue. Her several angelic runes also faded from her skin.




  • Amatis kept her mourning dress in a trunk in a spare room, which Clary later wore herself.[1]
  • Amatis decorated her living room with old pictures of her and Luke, as well as some new ones with Jocelyn. Meanwhile, she kept her old things, such as her mother's kitchen table and her other things from when she was married to Stephen, in her cellar.[7]
  • Amatis' favorite weapon is the short sword.[2]