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Amatis's house was formerly the townhouse that was owned by Amatis Herondale until she died in 2007.


It is an elegant three-story townhouse with a kitchen and living downstairs and bedrooms on the top level.


Known guests (in chronological order of arrival or stay):


Circle days

Stephen and Amatis lived here together until they were made to separate by Valentine Morgenstern; in which Stephen was forced to marry Céline Herondale. Stephen left the house in Amatis's hands as a final parting gift.

Some time before the Uprising, Luke stayed in the house's cellar for a few days after having been turned into a werewolf.[1]

Mortal War

During the Mortal War, Luke took Clary Fairchild to his sister's house in order to save Clary's life from the effects of Lake Lyn's water. After she was given the antidote, Luke asked Amatis to look after her while he went out to Brocelind Forest. Ammatis begrudgingly allowed Clary to stay and when Jocelyn Fray was awoken from her sleeping spell, Amatis allowed her to stay with her as well.

Unbeknownst to Amatis, Jace Herondale also spent a night in the house during this time, before he left to track down Sebastian and Valentine.[1]

Dark War

Before the Battle of the Burren, Sebastian Morgenstern's forces infiltrated this house and kidnapped Amatis in order to make her the first Endarkened.

Now empty, when Luke, Jocelyn, and Clary came to Alicante in City of Heavenly Fire, they stayed in this house. When Simon Lewis later came to the City of Glass, rather than stay in the house provided for the Vampire Representatives with Raphael Santiago, he stayed with Clary and her family in this house.

It was in this house that: Sebastian paid a visit to Clary before the Council meeting, Sebastian left his silver box for Jocelyn to find, and where Clary and Isabelle comforted one another after the events of their time in Edom.[2]

The Cohort's Parley

Years later, the Council called all active Shadowhunters to the city of Alicante due to a state of War with the Faerie Courts and (in part) to bare witness to the Cohort's staged parley with the Unseelie Courts. Unable to stay in the home for the Inquisitor as in the past, Maryse Lightwood stayed in this home with the younger Blackthorn children (Dru and Tavvy) and her grandchildren Max Lightwood-Bane and Rafael Lightwood-Bane.[3]


  • It has also been referred to as the Graymark House.[3]