Amalric Kriegsmesser was a Shadowhunter from the Berlin Institute.


In December 2007, Amalric was one of the many Shadowhunters captured by Sebastian Morgenstern and forced into drinking from the Infernal Cup, promptly turning him into a Dark Shadowhunter. However, Amalric was injured the same night as the attack on the Institute and was left there. He was later found by the others who came to investigate. His body was brought to the Basilias, and his family was told about what happened to him.

In hopes of finding a way to reverse the effects of the Cup and save the Endarkened, the Silent Brothers tried to study him, to no avail. During this time, though he was barely conscious, he went through a terrible amount of suffering, the process involved bloody and painful. When his presence was brought up during a Clave meeting, Diana Wrayburn demanded to at least know his name.

A few days after Jace Herondale saw him in the Basilias, the Brothers finally tried to make him drink from the Mortal Cup and Amalric died instantly, leaving his heart shriveled and his organs desiccated. His corpse was then sent to the Spiral Labyrinth, where warlocks tried to examine his body. The warlocks learned that nothing can be done to reverse the effects of the Infernal Cup, and even necromancy would only animate their bodies, but their souls were already gone.

Had his body not been studied and destroyed, he would not have been given traditional Nephilim funeral rites because of the state—having been Endarkened—he was in when he died.