Amalia Morgenstern is a German Shadowhunter and the wife of Roderick Morgenstern.


In 1857, the couple attended the meeting between Shadowhunters and Downworlders at the London Institute to discuss the ratification of their peace accords. When the two sides started fighting, she called for scones in an attempt to break the tension. When they heard the whispers of the young Shadowhunters outside the room, Amalia opened the door and the eavesdroppers fell over, including Edmund Herondale and Charlotte Branwell. Edmund charmed Amalia to get out of trouble, and she was pleased, but she proceeded to send them away.[1]

In 1878, she attended the Council meeting to decide who would replace Charlotte Branwell as the head of the London Institute. Here, she was cornered by two Blackwells, whom she then proceeded to argue with but in her own, German tongue, before Consul Wayland ordered them all to sit.[2]


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