Everything is gone. Louisa. Everything I owned, everything I made.

The Rise of the Hotel Dumort

Alfie is an acquaintance of Magnus Bane in the 1920s.


At one point, Alfie was in a relationship with a woman named Louisa. Alfie thought himself contented as he was handsome, earned enough money, and had Louisa. However, when their relationship ended due to a misunderstanding—which involved a party, a letter, and possibly a dog and a speedboat or a mountain cabin—Alfie turned to drinking.

Alfie met Magnus at his bar, Mr. Dry's, where he quickly became a regular. Alfie bonded with Magnus over drinks, mostly strong cocktails, and stories he loved to tell.

In late September 1929, Alfie was at Mr. Dry's the evening it was raided by the police, led by McMantry, and consequently closed down. Alfie and several others, upon Magnus' invitation, continued the drinking party at Magnus' room at the Plaza Hotel, where he and many others spent the evening. The next morning, Alfie was the first to wake and, his inebriation waning, became miserable, suddenly remembering the loss of the only thing missing from his life—the love of his life, Louisa. Alfie, after revealing that he knew of Magnus' powers, asked him to either get them back together or make him forget about her—both of which Magnus refused to do.

Alfie had since stayed at Magnus' hotel room. By October, he began to worry about the falling economy of the country. When the Stock Market Crash came soon after, Alfie, being someone employed in finance (as a banker or stockbroker), was greatly affected, and his distress worsened. He attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the window of Magnus' room before he was stopped by Magnus himself. When he told Magnus that the memory of what he once had made him want to give up, Magnus decided to help him by altering his memories; particularly, Magnus made him forget about Louisa and his former wealth.

Physical description

Alfie is young and handsome. He has a nice smile and often wore suits.