Alexander Lightwood is the third and youngest child of Gabriel and Cecily Lightwood.


Born in 1900, Alexander is the younger sibling of Anna and Christopher, born 13 years after the latter.[3] Like Anna, he inherited their mother's blue eyes.

When his cousin Barbara Lightwood died of demonic poison, his cousin, Lucie, and the ghost of Jessamine Lovelace kept him company while his parents conversed with Lucie's parents.

He was later at the Enclave meeting to discuss the incidents that had happened around the city. While waiting for the Consul to arrive, he amused himself by tossing shiny, valuable, breakable objects near the fountain in the Sanctuary.

He was then brought to his cousin James's engagement party. He was left with his cousin Thomas while his parents helped set up. When Thomas tried to pawn him off on Lucie, he began demanding Matthew and Oscar.[2]




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