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You are the pack leader. I am your second now that Gretel is dead. It would not be right to let you go alone.

–Alaric to Luke, City of Bones

Alaric was a werewolf of the New York pack. He became the third-in-command of their newest pack leader Luke Garroway until Gretel's death, after which he briefly took over her position as second-in-command and remained loyal to Luke until his own death.


In August 2007, on Luke's orders, Alaric and other werewolves broke into the Hotel Dumort to save Clary Fray, the daughter of Luke's friend who was at the infamous vampires' lair with another Nephilim Jace Herondale to rescue Simon Lewis. Alaric was the one who addressed the group of vampires, telling them of their intentions to leave with Clary. During the skirmish, Alaric ran after the teenagers making their escape and was injured when a scared Clary threw a dagger at him.

Alaric was officially introduced to Clary when Luke brought her to their pack's headquarters—an abandoned police station. Luke introduced him and Gretel to Clary, and Alaric cheerfully reminded Clary of how she put a knife in his ribs, for which Clary immediately apologized. Alaric insisted that she should not apologize and even complimented her throwing skills. Alaric also returned the dagger, after apparently having cleaned it.

During the confrontation with Valentine's Forsaken at Renwick's Ruin, Alaric protected both Luke and Clary throughout the battle. After Gretel's death on the field while protecting Clary, he became Luke's second-in-command and took it upon himself to ensure Luke's safety. He continued to hold off the Forsaken as Luke and Clary made their way into the abandoned hospital.

Shortly after, Alaric followed them into the hospital, despite Luke's insistence that he stay outside with the others. When he arrived, Alaric tore through the room's door, and both Luke and Valentine, who were in the midst of an intense confrontation, had to move to avoid getting crushed by the door that Alaric had destroyed. Jace was about to attack him when Clary stopped him.

Just then, Luke addressed him when Valentine, using Luke's moment of unawareness, threw a knife at his leader. Alarmed, Alaric turned into his werewolf form and rushed to block the projectile with his own body and was subsequently struck in the chest. Valentine sneered at Luke for repaying his pack for their loyalty by letting them die for him. A distraught Luke then stayed behind to tend to him while Jace and Clary confronted the fleeing Valentine. Alaric, beyond saving, soon died.

Physical description

Alaric is described as a tall, heavily muscled man with long, gray hair.


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