Adrienne is a mundane who is in a relationship with a werewolf named Marcy.


Believing that Marcy could handle it, Adrienne encouraged her to go out with her on the night of a full moon in August 2007. The couple went to the Beauty Bar. Marcy began to transform, however, and eventually lost control. Adrienne was scratched, but even then, she chose to stay in the bar while the other mundanes piled out in fear.

Soon, the warlock Magnus Bane and Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood, a pair on their first date, arrived to try and stop Marcy. Adrienne asked them not to hurt her and explained to them the situation as Magnus healed her wound. Adrienne was then sent out by Magnus, asking her to entrust Marcy to them.

When Adrienne came back into the bar, the pair had successfully calmed Marcy and was able to let her transform back to her human form. Marcy worried for her, especially when she found out that she had hurt Adrienne, but she insisted that she was fine. The couple kissed, and Adrienne comforted Marcy, telling her that they would figure things out together so incidents like that would never happen again.

Physical description

Adrienne is a slender girl with long, dark hair.


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