Adams was a woman who died of a gunshot to the heart, whom Tessa Gray once Changed into.


In 1878, the Dark Sisters forced Tessa to Change into Adams during her training. Once, Tessa experienced Adams' death through her memories during her Change and the woman's blood poured down her dress. Thinking that she was bleeding to death in the same way that Adams had, Tessa screamed in horror until the sisters finally explained to her that she was not hurt, and that the blood was not her own. Tessa recalled this experience when a similar incident occurred after she was forced to Change into Emma Bayliss weeks later.

Some time later at the London Institute, Tessa was cornered by Axel Mortmain and his automatons; knowing that he would not leave without her unless he believed her to be dead, she decided to quickly Change into Adams and back again, which caused her to once again bleed from the gunshot, convincingly making it appear as if she had fatally stabbed herself with a knife.[1]



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