The Hall of the Accords, also known as the Great Hall of the Angel, is the main hall in Alicante, Idris, famously known as the site of the signing of the Accords. During other special occasions, the Hall is the site of celebrations, ceremonies, weddings, and festivals. The Hall is found at the northern end of the Angel Square.

The building is a neoclassical edifice, with its long marble staircase and magnificent pillared arcade. The majority of the interior of the Hall is taken up by a single large room, the site of the aforementioned ceremonies. Its walls are pale white and its ceiling high, with a large glass skylight that allows natural sunlight into the room. In the center of the main room stands a large fountain in the shape of a mermaid.


Built in the 18th century, the Hall has since served as the general meeting hall for all Shadowhunters, second to the Gard. The Great Hall was used as the location for the historic signing of the First Accords in 1872, as the Gard is not open to Downworlders. The building has since then been commonly referred to as the Accords Hall, and it continues to be used every fifteen years for the revising and signing of the Accords.

Weapons are not allowed inside the Hall. However, during the signing of the Ninth Accords, the Circle was able to smuggle in demonic weapons that went undetected and staged the Uprising. The Hall was quickly filled with corpses in the fighting that ensued, both of Shadowhunters and Downworlders, although the latter was warned in advance that an attack was coming. Despite the Circle's best efforts, the Accords was still signed shortly after.

When the Gard was burned down in 2007, the Hall became the temporary meeting place of the Clave before the Mortal War.[1] Considered the safest place in the city during the Dark War, it served as the hiding place for all the children, who were locked inside with a few guards while the adults fought the Endarkened and the fey warriors outside. Despite the fortifications against faeries, the Hall was still broken into by the faeries of the Wild Hunt and the Dark Shadowhunters, neither of whom had the general weaknesses that most faeries possess.[2]


  • A parallel universe version of the Hall is present in Edom, though instead of a Hall for the Accords, it is a tomb, with a statue of Jonathan Shadowhunter holding the skeptron in the center of the Hall. The building was also made of lacquered metal structures, instead of white stone, and its gate has panels telling the story of the Nephilim in Edom.


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