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Blinded es una canción de Emmit Fenn, que apareció en el episodio The Powers That Be de la serie Shadowhunters: Los Instrumentos Mortales.

Historia[editar | editar código]

Esta canción aparece en la escena en donde Jace le cuenta a Clary cuan especial ella es para él y que por eso quiere tomarse las cosas con calma.

Apariciones[editar | editar código]

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Banda sonora de la temporada tres de Shadowhunters
Canción principal:
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Episodio 2: The Powers That Be
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Blinded (Emmit Fenn) | Know Your Name (Chase & Status Ft. Seinabo Sey)
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Bury (Unions)
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Lost Without You (Freya Ridings)
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Zombie Apocalypse (Extreme Music) | Sleep With The Lights On (Extreme Music) | Light on U (Alice Gray)
Other Matter (Yon Ort) | Cruel Intensions (Extreme Music)
Episodio 19: Aku Cinta Kamu
Arrows - (Haux) | Lovely (Billie Eilish Ft. Khalid) | Prism of Love - (Blakey, JONES) | Signals - (Freya Ridings)
Boyah - (Tosch) | Step Inside - (NEW_ID, SOVTH) | Johny - (Sofi Tukker)
Episodio 20: City of Glass
Part of Me (Gold Brothers) | The Push (Dyan) | The Ending (Wafia Ft. Finneas) | Bridges (Aisha Badru)
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Episodio 22: All Good Things...
Hymn 21 (Colouring) | I Get to Love You (Ruelle) | What a Wonderful World (Joshua Radin)
Holding Out for You (Lizzy Land Ft. Schier) | 1995 (Emmit Fenn) | Little Charmer (The Technicolors)
Click Ya Heelz (Whitney Myer) | We'll Come Together (Citizun) | Where We Come Alive (Ruelle)
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