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GAME RECOMMENDATION: The Wayhaven Chronicles

“THE WAYHAVEN CHRONICLES: BOOK ONE” is a thrilling 440,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Mishka Jenkins (@seraphinitegames​), where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based — without graphics or sound effects — and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Experience the big and small moments with a host of characters throughout this exciting twist on the usual supernatural tale. A story which will take you through heart-pounding romance, smile-filled friendships and shiver-inducing drama.

• Play as female, male, or non-binary — with options to be straight, gay, or bisexual.

• Discover the start of distinct and lasting romances with the vampires of Unit Bravo.

• Define and refine relationships with a variety of characters; from friends, family, exes and enemies.

• Decide how you will fulfill the job of detective, through Deduction, Combat, Science or People skills.

• Discover the truth of what awaits in Wayhaven in a play style that suits your personality.

• Indulge in true moments of romance, friendship, drama and fun!

Source: App Store description


From her PATREON

It is a seven book series, of which Book One has been released on 

Choice of Games (you can play the first 7 Chapters for free here!), SteamGoogle PlayApple store.

BOOK TWO’S DEMO is also now out to play!

Could I catch your interest?
  • Yes, I'm going to check it out/ bookmark it for later.
  • No, sorry, I don't like games/ such games.
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Be careful browsing the wiki proper and Discussions. The spoiler ban has been lifted and spoilers for QoAaD are now allowed. Visit the site/app at your own risk.

A note to all, though: Please do be considerate. This does not give you the right to outright spoil others. Use your judgment and common sense when interacting with others on any forum; unless they are asking for spoilers or wanting to discuss spoilery details of the book, don't give out unwanted information. This might spoil not only the people already in the thread but also those who may just pass by it or hope to see non-spoilery responses in a non-spoiler thread.

In line with this, when you start a Discussion thread, please try and specify in the title if you want the thread to be spoilery or non-spoilery, so those who do not want to be spoiled can avoid it.

The previous warning stands: any user who comes on the site to troll and spoil others will be banned.

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Angry QoAaD

So im well over a third done with QoAaD (yes i know im behind but havent had time) and i just seem to keep getting more and more mad. Like never has a book made me quite so angry and i still dont see anything good happening yet. To anyone that has finished, without spoilers, can you please tell me if you are atleast somewhat satisfied with the ending. Like will i be less pissed off? And please absolutely no spoilers! Just vague yes or no kind of answers.
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Me and my fellow Shadowhunters

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Queen of Air and Darkness

What's your favorite ship
  • Kitty (Kit x Ty
  • Malec (Magnus x Alec
  • Clace (Clary x Jace)
  • Cark (Cristina x Mark
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Cassandra Clare Books Release Dates

Does anyone know the release dates for the upcoming Cassandra Clare books??
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Hey y’all, so i’ve heard that Chain of gold, the first book in the last hours series, is set to be released on november 19th 2019! Is it true? I don’t wanna say something not true, so i could be wrong! ❤️
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When are we going to get spoilers??
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Does anyone else’s urge to kill Zara increase the more she speaks in QoAaD?
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The Eldest Curses

Can anyone tell me where The Eldest Curses fits into the timeline? I’m just trying to put a chronological timeline together for myself
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Which is better?

  • Malec
  • Kitty
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So I'm still reading QoAaD and I have a question. There's a scene where Clary's wearing a t-shirt that says "Unicorn Power" and she complains about wearing it, then Jace says "There are no such things as unicorns". What does he means about that? We know that unicorns are part of the seelie court and are real. Maybe a mistake? Or he might be refering that there are no unicorns like the one that Clary is wearing in her t-shirt.

What do you think?

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To all those who have read it:
No spoilers, but does kitty happen happen? I really have to know...
Also malec..any goals scenes? Something tht wud give me the feels?? ❤️
Pls let me know
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In city of ash, in wich chapter Clary and Jace found that they re not siblings?
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I just want to ask you guys who already read QoAaD or is currently reading what are your thoughts about it but without any spoilers ofc! I havent read it yet so i'm curious how you feel about this book. You can desribe it with one adjective or mark it from 1 to 10 or just say if it is better than LM and LoS or worse or the same. I just want to know what to preapare for...

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Who else loves the hot faerie threesome?
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The Last Hours

Is anyone else overly excited for the Last Hours. I can’t wait to see more of James Herondale. Also WILL will be in it!
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I'm such an idiot. I decided to like open my book half way for fun and I saw a name that freakin spoiled things for me.
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