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Which is better?

  • Malec
  • Kitty
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So I'm still reading QoAaD and I have a question. There's a scene where Clary's wearing a t-shirt that says "Unicorn Power" and she complains about wearing it, then Jace says "There are no such things as unicorns". What does he means about that? We know that unicorns are part of the seelie court and are real. Maybe a mistake? Or he might be refering that there are no unicorns like the one that Clary is wearing in her t-shirt.

What do you think?

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To all those who have read it:
No spoilers, but does kitty happen happen? I really have to know...
Also malec..any goals scenes? Something tht wud give me the feels?? ❤️
Pls let me know
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In city of ash, in wich chapter Clary and Jace found that they re not siblings?
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I just want to ask you guys who already read QoAaD or is currently reading what are your thoughts about it but without any spoilers ofc! I havent read it yet so i'm curious how you feel about this book. You can desribe it with one adjective or mark it from 1 to 10 or just say if it is better than LM and LoS or worse or the same. I just want to know what to preapare for...

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Who else loves the hot faerie threesome?
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The Last Hours

Is anyone else overly excited for the Last Hours. I can’t wait to see more of James Herondale. Also WILL will be in it!
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I'm such an idiot. I decided to like open my book half way for fun and I saw a name that freakin spoiled things for me.
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Happy birthday Magnus! 🎉

Today is Magnus' birthday!!! 📦💕...
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I dont read it but I dont care bout spoilers if you read please write bout Kit and Ty’s relation ship.I ordered the book but it hasnt come yet.Please write your general idea bout it too.(happy b-day magnus)
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QoAaD art

Apparently in the first additions of QoAaD there’s some kind of special art. If you have a first addition copy could you post some of the photos please because I want to see it but I don’t know where to find it.
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How to read QoAaD (no spoilers)

Anybody else torn between savoring QoAaD by taking their time to read it and just reading it as fast as possible to know what happens (as well as to prevent being spoiled)? Because thats where im at in life rn
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Im sooooo depressed right now! I know this comment might be a bit late but I literally had to sit there, on that page making sure that I read that right. And that Livvy died. Then I checked the her Fandom status and when it was confirmed that she was deceased I started balling my eyes out :(

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The red scrolls of magic

I’m depressed because I thought it was already out and I was going to ask for it for Christmas and after I finish QoAaD and the bane chronicles I’m out of books to read.
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Who do you ship Cristina with

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This post is locked.
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Who made Cortana?

It said in LM but I don’t remember
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Ty and Kit

Hey guys! Just wondering for those of you who have read QOAD already are there any hints that Ty and Kit are going to end up with each other or or is there a huge moment where they both decide to make their relationship official >:) would appreciate if you all share your findings with me !! 😱😁
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My medieval drawing of Malec and Excalibur!

In which, Alec is a knight (obviously) and Magnus has taken the role of the "Warlock of the Water" instead of "Lady of the Lake". It's for a friend of mine. Do you guys think she'll like it? She is a really big fan of the Merlin and Shadowhunters TV shows.
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Another reminder, for old and new users, or those unaware.. In consideration of others who frequent the site and will not be able to immediately read the book:

We have rules regarding spoilers from newly-released installments: Any spoilers about QoAaD (or any newly-released book for that matter) are not allowed on the wiki (both on the main site and this forum/Discussions) for ONE WEEK after release. No Discussion thread can be started about the book to discuss spoilers, no comment should be made to old posts that would spoil others. In line with this, NO ASKING for spoilers, either, as this will affect everyone who would see your post as well. If you truly want to talk about it, spoilery discussions must take place privately (exchange Twitter handles for DMs, or private Chat on the wiki, for example).

The week-long spoiler ban will end on DECEMBER 11. Afterwards, be considerate and keep your posts marked with spoiler warnings for at least a month, or even longer, after the release.

Violators WILL BE BANNED from the site, with length of the block depending on the OP's intent. If you see anyone spoiling the book for others, do report it.

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Its finally here!!!! I'm dying😄. Been counting down for six months. Does anyone know the next shadowhunter book to come out next?
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